John Dyer

Alarm Details Explained

By John Dyer / 13/08/2019

The information for each alarm, generated by a D3, can be seen in great detail. This article covers the alarm information shown for software versions on-wards. Alarm detail can be viewed by selecting an orange underlined Alarm/Event link in either the Current, Unacknowledged, Historical or Audit windows within the ALARMS tab. On selection the…

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Daylight Saving Time

By John Dyer / 09/08/2019

For software version on-wards, D3 base station has the capability to change the time automatically, for Daylight Saving. Route to edit Daylight Saving Time; SETTINGS => SITE SETTINGS => SYSTEM SET-UP => Edit => British Daylight Saving To use daylight savings toggle the button from Off (default) to On, then click Submit. Drawback of…

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Temperature Mapping – Warehouse

By John Dyer / 28/06/2019

Differences in temperature over the; length, height and width of racked warehouses or storage areas can be massive. Meaning many businesses have legal requirements to complete temperature mapping. Does temperature mapping only benefit the pharmaceutical sector? MHRA licencee businesses have a duty to map as part of licence approval, but mapping is more than a…

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Food Retail Shop – Small

By John Dyer / 14/06/2019

HACCP Legislative Requirements All sizes of food retailers must comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards, see the Food Standards Agency website for more information. HACCP temperature monitoring systems offer a simple solution to help remain compliant. Ensuring temperature sensitive foods are held and displayed at the correct temperatures is a key…

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Connecting an Auto-Dialler to a D3

By John Dyer / 10/06/2019

The D3 base station has two relay outputs that can be used for attaching auto-diallers, beacons or connecting to an alarm notification panel. The connection instructions below are relevant to the auto-dialler supplied by Tek Troniks. Should a 3rd party dialler be used then these instructions are invalid. 3rd party items attached to the relay…

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Adding an SSL Certificate to a D3

By John Dyer / 05/06/2019

To enable HTTPS communication between a browser and a D3, you need to add an SSL Certificate to a D3 system See our step by step process on how to add an SSL Certificate below. Route to add a certificate: SETTINGS => NETWORKING => Upload SSL Certificate Step 1 – Create a sub-domain on your…

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Forgotten Password!

By John Dyer / 31/05/2019

D3 System Users If a user has forgotten their D3 system password, the user can request a password reset from any of the systems administrator level users. The process for resetting a password is simple and straight-forward. Administrator level users can also completely reset requests from other administrators. Once a temporary password has been issued…

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National Veterinary Services Vehicle

On-Site Calibration

By John Dyer / 31/05/2019

National Veterinary Services are the market leader in veterinary wholesaling and distribution. NVS are committed to delivering a positive difference to animal health through the high quality services and products they offer. Brief Overview Require on-site multi-point, UKAS, calibration of their temperature probes. Calibration must be to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard with UKAS certification issued. A…

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Email to SMS Text

By John Dyer / 30/05/2019

Although a GSM auto-dialler can be added to our D3 base station relay outlet, to generate SMS text alarm alerts, another solution is to use 3rd party email to SMS text service. These services are now readily available via numerous online suppliers and often offer an inexpensive solution to receiving text message alerts. Below we…

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D3 Monitoring System Launch

By John Dyer / 12/04/2019

The following press release was in conjunction with Tek Troniks exhibiting at the NAFEM Show, in the USA. Tek Troniks Launches New Temperature Monitoring System to Enhance Compliance & Reduce Waste. Tek Troniks D3 monitoring and alarm system is optimised for monitoring temperature, humidity, door contact and more. The D3 will replace Tek Troniks older…

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