The Benefits of a Wireless Monitoring System

Are you still taking temperature readings manually? Or even using dataloggers to capture data? Is that the best use of your resource and time? 

Warehouse temperature monitoring system

Wireless monitoring is not only convenient but is also a cost saving method of recording data and storing records securely.

Benefits of using a wireless monitoring system:

  • Improved productivity
    • Reduces the need to carry out manual checks which can be time consuming.
    • Automatic data recording enables staff to focus on other, more pressing, tasks.
  • Continuously monitors 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Data is recorded once every minute so there’s no need to worry with trying to find the time to carry out a check, nor having to come in when the business is closed during holidays.
    • This continuity allows users to see unusual spikes and investigate why these spikes may be arising, reducing the risk of stock loss.
  • Scalable
    • Whether its 1 fridge or 150 different points including freezers, production areas and incubators, a wireless monitoring system can grow with your organisation.
  • Generates audit approved reports
    • The D3 has a powerful and comprehensive graph and report function, allowing users to download reports and graphs whenever required.
    • Reports are generated with an electronic signature and date, which is necessary in most regulatory requirements.
  • High level of security
    • To access the interface you need login details. Each login can have different access levels, this ensures that users only see information that is relevant to them.
  • No ongoing costs
    • With Tek-Troniks systems you don’t need a dedicated PC/Server or licensed software. The base station holds all software and stores the data, this allows you to have full ownership, with no extra costs or monthly fees.
  • Monitor many environmental factors
    • The D3 doesn’t stop at temperature monitoring. As Tek Troniks manufacture their own products they can manufacture sensors to suit your requirements. These custom sensors vary from door contact, gas leak detection, energy and much more.
  • Easy installation
    • Wireless systems consist of a simple plug and pair set up making the installation easy for users.
  • Remote Access, using MyDataPortal
    • You no longer need to be at site to see records. The power of technology allows you to login to your interface from any device with a browser, from anywhere in the world.

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