Manual Temperature Checks

By Tektroniks Sales / 23/07/2021

Monitoring environment factors such as temperature is a requirement to stay compliant with many regulatory bodies. Whether you’re a one man band selling sandwiches from a van or a pharmacist dispensing temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals you must ensure products are continuously stored at the right temperatures. You are also required to store evidence of this for…

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Mortuary Temperature Monitoring

By Tektroniks Sales / 31/03/2021

Tek Troniks work with mortuaries to help ensure they are compliant with temperature monitoring regulations.   The Human Tissue Authority (HTA), a regulator in this field, guidelines for mortuary establishments are that they must have a robust temperature monitoring and alarm system in place for all body storage facilities.   The D3 can ensure compliance…

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Celebrating Made in UK Day

By Tektroniks Sales / 09/03/2021

We are taking part in the first-ever Made in UK Day today, to help support the British manufacturing industry and spread the word on local products. Make it British created Made in UK Day to mark their 10 year anniversary. Their website has been visited by over 6.5 million people looking to buy UK-made products…

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National Apprenticeship Week 2021

By Tektroniks Sales / 08/02/2021

It’s National Apprenticeship Awareness Week and we are committed to further developing the skills of our current and past apprentices, who want to embark on a career in the manufacturing industry. Having apprentices allow us to build our future workforce and talent. Each individual experiences responsibility from day one, whilst studying towards a nationally recognised…

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Smart Sensor for Bespoke Solutions

By John Dyer / 29/10/2020

A common situation is having a specific monitoring requirement, but after a web search not being able find a solution; enter TekTroniks smart sensors. A bit of background The need is to monitor points on a high temperature hot plate used during a manufacturing process. The customer’s found a surface temperature probe for the temperature…

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UKAS Calibration Re-accreditation

By John Dyer / 03/07/2020

A big well done to the Tek Troniks calibration team Every 4 years UKAS re-accredit all calibration houses performing an extensive in-depth audit of all calibration processes and procedures. Despite COVID-19 and all the restrictions in place, we are happy to report that we have passed our 2020 re-accreditation. This means we are re-certified to…

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UKAS Accredited Temperature Mapping

By John Dyer / 18/06/2020

Below we have answered frequently asked questions about temperature mapping. Are your temperature mapping probes UKAS calibrated? Customers know temperature mapping sensors must be UKAS calibrated, but what about the mapping process? Is this not even more important? Probe calibration gives the probe error and the uncertainty of the reading, but what mapping error/uncertainty is…

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Picture of van for TekTroniks on site calibration and temperature mapping service

On-Site UKAS Temperature Calibration

By John Dyer / 17/06/2020

For many industry sectors UKAS certification is now becoming a standard requirement. Sending sensors back to get calibrated on an annual basis can be disruptive and not always possible. Our accreditation means we can provide UKAS temperature and humidity calibrations on-site, greatly reducing downtime and simplifying the calibration process. We provide UKAS traceable certification for…

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Warehouse temperature monitoring system

Temperature monitoring that’s pure sunshine, no clouds!

By John Dyer / 16/06/2020

Wireless Monitoring With No Ongoing Costs The sales pitch is finished, the demo completed, the quote’s in the right ball park, but still a nagging feeling lingers…. and so the final question is asked – That all looks great, but what are the ongoing cost? “None” always seems to come as a bit of a…

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Temperature Mapping, Installations & Service/On-Site Calibration Visit Dates

By John Dyer / 22/05/2020

Booking Slots Being Opened With the COVID-19 restrictions easing we are pleased to be able to offer further availability of on-site engineer bookings. Summer Temperature Mapping The key period for summer temperature mapping is approaching. July and August are, on average, the hottest months of the year and we find enquiry volumes start to climb…

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