System Set-up

Update Software on a D3 Base Station

By John Dyer / 27/05/2022

The D3 base station software is updated periodically with new product features and bug fixes; contact your system supplier for the latest software version available. Updating the software on a D3 base station is simple to complete, but can only be completed by users with Administrator level base station access. Steps to Update the Software…

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Changing a D3 Micro SD Card

By John Dyer / 26/05/2022

Only an approved Micro SD card from the system supplier should be used with D3 variant base stations.  Contact your system supplier to purchase a replacement Micro SD card. To add or remove an SD card the D3 must be removed from its wall mounting plate (refer to the system instruction manual).  Ensure the system…

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D3 Email Set Up, Using Gmail

By John Dyer / 07/07/2021

Emails will only work on networked D3 systems with a valid DNS connection – email can be set up but cannot operate or be tested in DHCP Server mode. See IP settings for more information on networking a D3 base station. Setting up the D3 email function to use a Gmail account is straight forward…

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Daylight Saving Time

By John Dyer / 09/08/2019

For software version on-wards, D3 base station has the capability to change the time automatically, for Daylight Saving. Route to edit Daylight Saving Time; SETTINGS => SITE SETTINGS => SYSTEM SET-UP => Edit => British Daylight Saving To use daylight savings toggle the button from Off (default) to On, then click Submit. Drawback of…

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