Refrigerant Leak Detection – Hotel Rooms

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refrigerant leak detection system - hotel rooms, hotel room door

Brief Overview

Require a refrigerant leak detection system to retro fit into numerous hotel rooms, for a client.

System needs in room alarm notification with secondary alarm notifications via a front panel located at the reception.

Needs to be installed without disturbing the room structure (redecorating after installation was not an option) nor affecting the operation of the hotel as it was open with customers occupying rooms.

Requirements (must haves)

  • In-room alarm notification via an internal sounder
  • Secondary alarm notification via a panel to be located in the reception office
  • Simple to retro install
  • Not affect the day to day operation of the hotel during installation
  • Orbit Care engineers to install with supplying company commissioning system

Equipment Recommended & Installed (by Orbit Care), Commissioned (by Tek Troniks)

  • 1 x D3 base station
  • 8 x MGS150 Bacharach refrigerant gas sensors for R410A
  • 8 x 4-20mA sensors with wireless transmitters for connection to the Bacharach gas sensors outputs
  • Wireless repeaters to cover the various hotel floors

Customer Feedback

Andy Clarke, Operations Director at Orbit Care Services, says “We have worked with Tek Troniks previously, on larger leak detection installations, so we were very confident that they would provide the same high quality solution for this customer application.”

“Due to Tek Troniks offering a wireless solution for leak detection we were able to meet the needs of having in-room alarm capabilities and providing a secondary alarm notification in the reception via the D3 base station. A wired solution would have been impossible to install.”

“Our engineers found the installation of the equipment quick and simple, we used Tek Troniks to commission the system just to ensure all was working correctly.”

“I have personally found the Tek Troniks team to be knowledgeable, supportive and to do what they promise to do. When looking for leak detection solutions Tek Troniks are my first call for help.”