Temperature Mapping Service – Certificate of Calibration

UKAS Calibration for our Temperature Mapping Service

Why are Tek Troniks at the forefront of temperature mapping service providers?

Simply ours is not just a mapping report but a certificate of calibration for the service provided. This is what sets Tek Troniks apart from the rest of the field.

Beat mundane temperature mapping services with a UKAS accredited process. This above all, gives confidence in the level and standard of work completed.

Of course we use calibrated probes, skill technicians and provide a first class service, after all this is what you expect.

Whats included in the certificate is the most important, you get:

  • The max, min, average & MKT for all sensors,
  • A detailed graph for the full period and
  • Schematic of sensors locations.

We document:

  • The installation details
  • The period of mapping and
  • Any other points you need to be considered

In other words, all the things you have paid for!

We use state of the art, bespoke mapping systems, designed and manufactured by us in the UK. With a dedicated UK support team and installation engineers, meaning a fast response with expert advice.

Our temperature mapping teams cover the whole UK, so no matter if you’re in Cornwall or Scotland get in touch, we can help.

To find our more about the temperature mapping service we offer see our mapping page.

To see our UKAS accreditation for our mapping services see our Schedule of Accreditation.

We have a dedicated mapping team for advice on any mapping questions. Contact us for more information.

As part of our temperature mapping service we can offer advice on long-term monitoring solutions We also manufacture advanced monitoring systems that; record data, alarm and create daily reports. This means we can offer total peace of mind with just one call!