Temperature Mapping in the Summer

The weather has a huge impact on indoor temperature, even in a temperature-controlled area. For that reason even the slightest change in outside temperature, a natural variant, can put product quality at risk.

temperature mapping room thermal hot spots

Temperature mapping of a controlled area gives a view of variances over time. As a result corrective actions can be taken which help to remove potential risks to products.

Tek Troniks have a 3 stage process for their mapping service:

  1. Site plan – draw up an approved plan, customised to site
  2. Study – carry out the mapping exercise, using appropriate test equipment
  3. Reporting – present a comprehensive view of findings, over a set period of time

The winter and summer seasons have the largest variation in external temperatures, therefore are key mapping periods. Summer is an extremely busy time for mapping companies so we urge customers to book summer mapping as early as possible.

Our specialist mapping teams can give expert advice on mapping requirements as well as arrange quotes for the work and ensure you don’t miss those vital dates. If you would like to speak to our mapping team get in touch here.

We are a UKAS accredited mapping company and our temperature mapping service achieves the ISO 17025:2017 standard. Reports produced are supplied with certificates of calibration, ensuring the quality of service we offer is of the highest standard.

Find our more about our mapping accreditation here