UKAS Accredited Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping sensor grid layout

Below we have answered frequently asked questions about temperature mapping.

Are your temperature mapping probes UKAS calibrated?

Customers know temperature mapping sensors must be UKAS calibrated, but what about the mapping process? Is this not even more important?

Probe calibration gives the probe error and the uncertainty of the reading, but what mapping error/uncertainty is applied and reported?

Tek Troniks believe customers want quality processes that are independently tested; that’s why our temperature mapping process is UKAS accredited.

This means a service and documentation that are trusted to meet the highest levels of scrutiny. Giving total confidence in the results given.

How do I know if the company I use are UKAS accredited for mapping?

Their UKAS schedule of accreditation must show temperature mapping defined as an activity; if not they cannot offer 17025 accredited temperature mapping services.

Beware, being accredited for calibration does not mean automatic accreditation for mapping.

temperature mapping results from a warehouse.

Why use a UKAS accredited temperature mapping company?

Audited mapping process; UKAS audits and carries out 3 yearly full re-assessments are completed, ensuring compliance to ISO 17025.

Uncertainty of measurement; the potential error (uncertainty) for the mapping is clearly documented, giving confidence in the accuracy of the work completed.

Temperature mapping certificate of calibration issued; with full supporting documentation helping meet the highest legislative standards.

Highly skilled team; documented training with UKAS performance audits.

Can I carry out mapping myself?

Yes, although if you use Tek Troniks equipment the mapping exercise will not be UKAS accredited, even though the sensors provided will be UKAS calibrated.

In order for the exercise to be UKAS accredited Tek Troniks mapping engineers MUST install the mapping equipment onsite.

Typical temperature mapping applications

Pharmaceutical Warehousing & Storage Areas; frozen, chilled and ambient areas. We are specialists in large area temperature mapping, meaning we can map any storage area in a single mapping exercise.

Pharmaceutical & Food Production Areas & Cold Rooms; chilled and ambient areas. The systems simplicity means there’s little to no impact on normal operations during the mapping cycle.

Food Dispatch Areas & Distribution Centres; frozen, ambient and chilled storage and holding areas. The non-intrusive nature of the system makes area mapping simple where ever perishable goods are stored.

Contact our specialist mapping team for more information or to get a no-quibble quote on temperature mapping work required.