Temperature monitoring that’s pure sunshine, no clouds!

Wireless Monitoring With No Ongoing Costs

TekTroniks wireless temperature monitoring with no cloud fees.
A cloud free wireless temperature monitoring system

The sales pitch is finished, the demo completed, the quote’s in the right ball park, but still a nagging feeling lingers…. and so the final question is asked –

That all looks great, but what are the ongoing cost?

None” always seems to come as a bit of a surprise!

When you buy a Tek Troniks monitoring system there are no cloud or ongoing user licences fees. This can save thousands over the life of the equipment. What’s more, Tek Troniks professionally installed systems include the cost of the IQ and OQ documents for complete peace of mind.

How it works

The D3 base station (1) connects directly to your IT network or router and contains a powerful web server providing a secure user interface accessed via any standard web enabled device.

Diagram showing how TekTroniks monitoring system is set up

Wireless sensors(2) send live readings once a minute. We provide a wide range of wireless sensors to cover a broad spectrum of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, energy, flow and door status.

Accessed through a standard web browser (3), the system interface provides secure, multi-user access access to sensor status, data records and audit trails accessible from any web-browser enabled device. There is no cloud platform (4) meaning no ongoing costs for using the system.

Our wireless monitoring systems provide;

  • Real time live readings
  • Multi-level alarm thresholds for each sensor.
  • Graphs and compliance documents in pdf and CSV format.
  • Analytical graphing tool with trace overlay.
  • Robust Audit trail.
  • and much, much more!

No software to download or install

Our D3 monitoring system certainly packs a punch. It contains everything you need to run the system so there is no software to install on pc’s, no dedicated server or complex SQL database installation.

This all means the D3 temperature monitoring system is a compact, user friendly system with no hidden cost surprises.

Why choose TekTroniks.

TekTroniks have been developing temperature monitoring and control systems for the last 28 years. All our systems are designed and manufactured at our production facility in Nottingham. Our worldwide customer base range from corner shops, Hotels, Warehouses, production facilities, Catering Companies, Hospitals, Laboratories and Clinics.

We’re not just interested in selling you a box, we’re here to support you from your initial enquiry through to the installation as well as providing ongoing support and calibration.

We pride ourselves in providing first class support. Being UKAS accredited, for onsite and factory calibrations and temperature mapping, we simply provide the full package.

Contact us to find out more or to get a quote from our sales team to find out how you can save.

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