D3 Monitoring System Launch

The following press release was in conjunction with Tek Troniks exhibiting at the NAFEM Show, in the USA.

Tek Troniks Launches New Temperature Monitoring System to Enhance Compliance & Reduce Waste.

Tektroniks wireless monitoring systems for food retail showing ipad, laptop and d3 base station.

Tek Troniks D3 monitoring and alarm system is optimised for monitoring temperature, humidity, door contact and more. The D3 will replace Tek Troniks older systems, the DATAcentre and DataAngel.

D3 Monitoring System
With an increase in the demand for temperature alarm systems and data being at the pinnacle of importance, the D3 is the perfect solution for monitoring requirements in the food, retail, warehouse and healthcare industries.

The D3 is a ‘no fuss’ plug and pair system which can monitor temperature from -200°C to 200°C as well as humidity, gas leak detection and much more.

Each sensor records data once every minute and automatically transmits the data to the touchscreen base station, which has the capacity to securely store data for up to 10 years.

The D3 is full of features to enhance efficiency and aid industry compliant regulations.

The browser based user interface is password protected and enables users to both view and download live and historic data in graph and report format.

Users can receive alerts when parameters are exceeded and notes can be added to alarms notifications for further review during audit checks.

Andrew Philpott, QA Manager at Chefsmate, who self-installed a D3 system says;

“We initially purchased the D3 monitoring system for BRC compliance and due to experiencing stock loss to a freezer failure. Shortly after installing the D3 system our fresh produce fridge started to fail”.

“If we didn’t have the D3 in place we wouldn’t have noticed the upward temperature trend and could have lost all stock, again”.

“The system has paid for itself in just one incident”.


The article was run by Catering Insight in the USA.