D3 Wireless Monitoring System

Real time wireless monitoring, alarm notifications, full audit trails, analytical graphing tool and report generator

D3 Wireless Monitoring System

Real time monitoring, alarm notifications, full audit trails, analytical graphing tool and report generator

d3 base station displaying 4 degrees celcius

Reliable and affordable environmental monitoring system with high accuracy sensors used across a broad range of market sectors including medical, warehousing, distribution and throughout the food and healthcare cold supply chain.

monitoring system

No dedicated PC or server

Our monitoring systems do NOT require a dedicated PC or database installed on your server.

no subscription system

Subscription free

No on-going cloud cost or licence fees meaning no on-going monthly/yearly costs.

easy installation

No software installation

Multi-user access from any web browser enabled device such as a PC's, laptop or mobile phone.

long range wireless

Long range wireless

Our wireless transmitters offer long-range communication. Optional range extenders can be added to monitor any size of structure.

How does it work?

Intelligent Sensors

wireless monitoring system sensor range

Our range of intelligent sensor can sample almost any environmental factor. 

Rf Transmitters

wireless monitoring system sensors and transmitters

The wireless transmitter sends this sampled reading securely to the base station every minute.

Base Station

D3 wireless monitoring system with wireless sensors

The base station reviews the readings against alarm thresholds. All data, alarm events, notes and actions are stored for later review

Company Network

D3 wireless monitoring system with network capability

The base station gives secure multi-user access to data records and audit trails from any web browser enabled device.

D3 Base Station

The D3 base station connects directly to your IT network and contains a powerful web server providing a secure user interface accessed via any standard web enabled device.

A colour touchscreen display gives local access to real time data and alarm status. The D3 provides local alarm notification in the form of high brightness LED, internal sounder and two volt free contacts for connection to external devices such as remote beacons.

Powerful browser-based user interface

D3 Wireless monitoring system reporting and graphing interface screen

Our intuitive browser-based user interface gives users a quick, simple, dynamic way to access and drill-down into data from any sensor that is being monitored. Meaning alarm notifications can be resolved quickly, saving products, time and money.

The browser interface is a subscription-free, secure, multi-user access portal to data records and audit trails. Meaning its accessable from any web-browser enabled device with connectivity to you network. Systems are fully scalable to meet the demands of monitoring multiple devices across your business.

Precision sensors

Accurate and reliable range of sensors to cover a broad spectrum of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, energy, flow and digital status.

In addition you can add custom sensor types to monitor 3rd party sensors which means that just about any measurable factor can be monitored.

environment factors tektroniks can monitor
FDA, MHRA, BRC, GMP and HACCP compliant

Compliant Systems

Our wireless temperature monitoring system are designed to be used within HACCP, BRC, FDA, MHRA & GMP applications with reports and outputs to support compliance.

Though the technology within the systems is complex they are designed to be simple to use with an intuitive interface.

Our wireless temperature & humidity sensors can be supplied UKAS calibrated from our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.

Alarms & Events

Our systems have full alarm capabilities that alert you when sensor readings exceed user defined high and low alarm thresholds.

The system securely records all user events, alarms, alarm notes and system changes providing a full audit trail.

  • Permission based user access
  • Full Audit trails
  • Electronic signatures
  • Email alerts

Data Security

Data is stored in a secure tamper-proof format and cannot be amended or changed by any user. All data is automatically backed up to an internal industrial grade micro SD storage card.

To provide continuous monitoring in the case of power loss base station versions can come with an internal 12 hour rechargeable battery backup.

Graphing & Reporting

The system stores recorded data at 1 minute intervals. Our powerful graphing tool allows sensor data to be viewed and compared over different time periods.

  • Analytical graphing tool
  • PDF Report generator
  • Review and print historic information in graph format
  • Overlay and compare different time periods
  • CSV export

Sensor data is transmitted securely using battery powered long range wireless transmitters with range extenders to cover any size building.

monitoring systems for all budgets

Who uses our equipment?

We provide systems used across a variety of industry sectors in territories all around the world.

Our systems are commonly used in;

  • food retail for the monitoring of both display and held stock
  • food production for monitoring production, storage and dispatch areas
  • hospitals for cryogenic, pharmacy, mortuary and histology applications
  • warehouse and distribution for storage and simple vehicle temperature monitoring, the applications go on and on!

We know we can help provide a solution for you, get in touch to find out how.

Wireless monitoring systems for use worldwide

Frequently asked questions

What types of sensors are available?

Typically our systems are used to measure temperature, humidity, energy, flow, doors, plant status and pressure.

In reality we can provide sensors to measure just about any environmental condition either directly or by using third party specialised equipment with 4-20mA or voltage outputs. 

Are your sensors UKAS calibrated?

Our sensors can be supplied with full UKAS traceable calibration certificates from our in house calibration laboratory.

We are a UKAS ISO 17025:2017 accredited for temperature and relative humidity.

Our accreditation allows us to complete on-site calibration to the UKAS standard.

How accurate are your temperature sensors?

We can measure temperature to accuracies of ±0.1°C with resolutions of 0.01°C and can provide UKAS factory calibration with fully traceable certificates.

Can i install a monitoring system myself?

We provide a manual with the system as well as support via videoshow to guides and blogs on our site to assist the self installation of systems.

However, we also provide installation services, contact us for a to quote for complete peace of mind.

Can i monitor temperature and humidity in my warehouse?

Yes. Our wireless transmitters are long range and are designed to work over large and complex structures. Follow this linke for more information of temperature monitoring for warehouses and temperature controlled storage.

What are the benifits of a temperature monitoring system?

Requirements to monitor temperature are going to come from your industry sector, legislative, audit and your customers requirements/demands.

There are requirements in food and medical applications for temperature monitoring - in manual or electronic formats.

We are seeing more & more request for continuous monitoring as audits become more stringent in their demands.

The benefits of continuous temperature monitoring over manual readings are;

Continuous Monitoring Manual Checks
If set points are exceeded alarm notifications are sent. Therefore you know about a problem and have a chance to resolve it before stock is lost. With 2 or 3 readings per day, you won't know you have a problem until a reading is taken. Once aware you're unsure how long you've had the issue for!
Readings are recorded by the system every minute. The readings can be seen live and historical data can be viewed in a graphical format. Hand written staff records are not often captured in any applications where analysis can be completed.
Calibrated sensors and automatic readings give confidence that the reading recorded is the actual temperature at that point in time. Transposed numbers on written records and staff making other simple mistakes when recording data occur frequently.
Data is recorded 24/7/365 and your warned if you have an issue, not matter whats happening in the business. Staff forget to take manual readings and those taken are rushed, who does the reading when the business is closed?
Though there's a cost for our systems there're no on-going fees, calculated over the lifetime of the system the cost per day per sensor are minimal. How much does it costs to take manual records and document there properly, just once or twice per day?
How do i connect a D3 to my network?

You network the base station by plugging the D3 into a network port (or directly into a router), using an Ethernet cable that is supplied.

You or your IT department, can assign the base station a static IP. If this is beyond your knowledge then don't worry, network mode can be chosen which allows your network to automatically assign the details.

The set-up is documented in the manual, as well as support documentation on our website, our specialist support team are available for more assistance.

Can i use a D3 if i dont have a IT network in the building i want to monitor?

Yes, there are couple of options.

  • Operate the the base station as a standalone system - live data can be viewed via its display. However no alarm notifications can be sent via email and a laptop/computer will need to be connected directly to see reports and graphs.
  • Connect using a 3G or 4G router - the router will require a data contract, however using this method allows remote access and to view live/historic data in graphical and report format and get email alarms. There are a number of providers for 3G & 4G routers that offer a solution.
Can i look at live and historic data away from site?

The D3 can be accessed remotely BUT your IT department needs to activate port forwarding through your network to do this.

Port forwarding is totally within the remit of your IT personnel, our system has no ability to manage this on your behalf.

Can the D3 have multiple users?

When creating system users you have the capability to restrict their access rights. Users can see and do what you choose them to be able to do.

Do your sensors use Wi-Fi?

For the UK and Europe we manufacture wireless monitoring systems that use 433Mhz, the benefit over 2.4Ghz is the radio transmissions can travel further meaning less repeaters are required on large sites.

We do have versions of the system using 2.4Ghz for Europe, for the rest of the world we have 2.4Ghz with different output powers (depending on your legislative directives).

Does the D3 have battery backup?

The D3 & D3 Medical versions have a 12 hour battery back-up installed as standard. These system can continue to record data even in a power loss situation.

If repeaters are installed then our optional back-up module will be required for these.

Can i add additional sensors in the future?

Depending on the system variant you can add up to 150 sensors.

These sensors can be of any type and can be added as and when you need to make changes due to legislative requirements or business needs.

Our systems are designed to grow and offer a single point of contact for continual monitoring needs.

Have more questions? Contact us for more information.