Service, Installation & Training

  • Validated Installation IQ/OQ
  • Performance Qualification PQ
  • Maintenance & Support Contracts
  • Annual Calibration & Mapping
  • Software Updates
service & installation

Our wireless systems are designed to be simple to install with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

We offer comprehensive service and installation of monitoring systems by our fully trained technicians, and/or manuals and online tools for those who want to install systems themselves.

Validated Installation

Our validated installation helps meet the needs of internal audit requirements and procedures, including installation qualification and operational qualifications IQ/OQ.

Self Installation

Our monitoring systems are designed to be simple to install and a number of our customers choose to self install.

Our manuals take you through the installation process. We also offer a range of 'How To' Videos and Articles to assist in the installation process.

If you require additional assistance, our support team are happy to help.

self installation

Maintenance and Support Agreements

Keeping your system validated is important to protect your investment. Our maintenance and service agreements can include scheduled calibration and mapping, together with a comprehensive product warranty.

maintenance and service

Maintenance & Service

Our system service & performance qualification ensures the validity of the system. Complete end to end alarm testing validates the overall system operation.

annual calibration

Annual Calibration

Our support agreements can include annual calibration. This can be at our laboratory or on your site, depending on your requirements.

service compliance


In order to demonstrate compliance our performance qualification and service visit documentation are provided to support the effectiveness of your monitoring system and internal processes.

software updates

Software Updates

Software updates are a result of our continuous product improvement and new product applications. Updates are free of charge to customers with maintenance agreements.

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Frequently asked questions

What is an IQ installation qualification?

Installation qualification is documented proof that the system has been installed in line with relevant requirements, that all elements of the system are installed and set up correctly.

The qualification also documents the details of those trained to operate the system.

Service and installation of our wireless monitoring systems is completed by our fully trained personnel.

What is OQ operational qualification?

Once installation is complete, the functionality of the system is tested and the operational parameters of the system are recorded.

This document compliments the Installation Qualification and clearly documents that the system is performing in line with its intended purposes.

It confirms all attributes of the system are fully operational and that alarm testing is completed and functioning.

What is PQ performance qualification?

A performance qualification is completed as part of the annually service visit, it documents the operational performance seen.

It is similar to the Operational Performance completed upon installation and supports that the system is still working within its intended parameters. It also shows that functionality and alarm capabilities were tested and operational.

Can I still have a maintenance agreement if I self install?

Yes, as long as the agreement is taken out within the first year of purchase we are happy to offer maintenance support going forwards.

Our service and installation of monitoring systems are a great package to our customers and we are always happy to support in any way we can.

Have more questions? Contact us for more information.