Warehouse Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System

Real time wireless temperature and humidity monitoring for regulatory compliance with BRC, GDP and MHRA.

Warehouse Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System

Real time wireless temperature and humidity monitoring for regulatory compliance with BRC, GMP and MHRA.

Temperature controlled warehouse with storage pallet shelves

Warehouse monitoring

Temperature and humidity are two factors that can have a considerable impact on the condition of stored goods in a warehouse. Accurate monitoring ensures valuable goods don’t spoil or damage and provides evidence that compliance and legislative standards have been met. Our D3 wireless temperature monitoring system is simple to install and provides continuous monitoring of your warehouse, alerting you when something is wrong.

Simple to use, cost effective real time temperature monitoring systems for warehouses and the storage of temperature sensitive goods.

Warehouse temperature monitoring system
Robust wireless sensor network for warehouses

Robust, battery operated, long range wireless sensors with range extenders to cover any size warehouse or storage facility.

Multi-level alarm thresholds for each sensor with tailored alarm notifications to alert users to take corrective action to protect goods and save money. 

Temperature monitoring alerts, food and retail
Temperature monitoring food and retail

Our intuitive browser-based user interface gives users a quick, simple, dynamic way to access real time status, audit trails, graphing and reports.

Our system provides tamper proof data storage and robust audit trails with electronic signatures to support regulatory compliance with BRC, GDP and MHRA.

image depicting regulations such as MHRA,FDA,BRC & HACCP
TekTroniks Monitoring system do not require a dedicated PC, server or ongoing cloud costs

Our wireless monitoring systems are stand alone and require no dedicated PC, no software installation, no SQL database and no ongoing cloud costs.

Our ISO 17025 UKAS Accreditation for temperature and humidity allows us to support customers to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the MHRA, FDA and IMB.

Market leading Support

Choosing TekTroniks wireless warehouse temperature monitoring system is just the first step. We are here year after year for ongoing support, calibrations and temperature mapping studies.

Temperature and humidity sensors can be provided with UKAS traceable calibration certificates from our in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Onsite and factory calibration services for warehouses
Warehouse temperature monitoring system installation qualifications

Our installation service meets the needs of internal audit requirements, including installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification IQ/OQ/PQ.

We provide a UKAS accredited temperature mapping service that will help you to understand the temperature variations experienced across your warehouse or storage areas.

Ipad showing temperature mapping report

Measurement types

We supply a large range of accurate and robust sensors to cover a broad spectrum of environmental conditions. The most common sensors used within warehouses and storage areas are temperature, humidity and door status.

Wireless sensor for monitoring of temperature of frozen and fresh food in food and retail


Robust high accuracy wireless temperature sensors with UKAS traceable certificates provide accurate rack and shelf temperatures.

Wireless humidity sensor for monitoring humidity in food storage


Our wireless humidity sensors provide constant monitoring to alert you when the humidity in your warehouse exceeds predefined limits.

Wireless sensor for monitoring of cold room doors in food and retail

Door Events

Our door sensors ensure staff members are made aware when doors are left open for longer than a preset period.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for temperature monitoring for your warehouse then we are a perfect partner.

  • Our warehouse temperature monitoring system meet the regulatory compliance required by GDP, MHRA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Our monitoring system is stand alone with no ongoing cloud or subscription costs.
  • Our system installation includes IQOC validation documents for a smooth startup.
  • We are UKAS accredited for temperature mapping and can provide a temperature mapping study prior to the installation of the fixed monitoring.
  • We are a UKAS accredited laboratory and can supply temperature and humidity sensors with UKAS certificates.
  • We are a UKAS accredited for onsite calibration and can provide annual onsite temperature and humidity calibration.
  • We run an ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • We have over 27 years of experience in the design & manufacturing of temperature monitoring systems.


Contact us now to discuss your requirements with one of our sales team.

Still have questions? 

Our industrial strength wireless network can work in the most harsh environments routing data around the most complex structures and re-routing and adapting as the surrounding environment changes.

Our wireless sensors operate on licence free 433Mhz bandwidth. This is the optimal frequency for distance and provides good penetration through walls and structures. It provides much better coverage than sensors that use WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee. 

Contact our team if you wish to trial the system for up to 30 days.

There are two main reasons to monitor humidity in a warehouse.

  1. High levels of humidity can create condensation on walls and ceilings and promote growth of mould on stored items. This also creates suitable conditions for pests.
  2. The humidity of the area also needs to be recorded and monitored based on the type of goods being stored and in accordance with any regulatory compliance.  For example warehouses for storing pharmaceutical products need to comply with MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and GDP ( Goods Distribution Practice). 

Our monitoring system can measure temperature and humidity and alert you when levels exceed predefined limits.

This is a very common question and there is no standard response. The normal practice would be to perform a temperature mapping study.  The study is performed in two cycles to cover both the winter and summer months. From this study you can then determine the risk areas and where to position the sensors. We are UKAS accredited for temperature mapping.

Contact one of our system specialists for advice or to arrange a site visit.

Our system includes and analytical graphing tool that allows you to compare and overlay data from 4 different points over 4 different time periods to review and analyse the temperature and humidity changes in your warehouse. 

All data can be exported to a csv file for further manipulation.


For use in racking, our advice is to use wireless transmitters with external wireless temperature probes, mount the transmitters at the top of the racking and drop the probes down through the racking legs, fixing them securely in place at the desired heights.

Our systems allow us to drop probes to any height within a racking structure.

Our range of systems are standalone, networked monitoring systems that record, store and give access to data from any device with a browser.

There are no licence fees, specialist software, monthly cloud fees and no server or dedicated computer space required.

Have more questions? Contact us for more information.

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