Pharma, Medical & Laboratory Monitoring Solutions

Stand alone temperature monitoring system compliant with MHRA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & HTA standards.

Medical & Laboratory Monitoring Solutions

Stand alone temperature monitoring system compliant with MHRA & FDA CFR 21 Part 11 standards.

medical monitoring medical device

Our D3 Medical temperature monitoring system is designed to be compliant with stringent medical industry standards.

Our temperature monitoring equipment is used in the NHS and other notable blue chip organisations across the world, from hospitals and pharmacies to mortuaries and cryogenic storage facilities.

The system allows vital temperatures to be monitored automatically and for alarm notifications to be sent when action is needed.

All alarms and user actions are logged providing a comprehensive audit trail for complete accountability. The system provides a real time audit trail, electronic signatures and tamper proof data storage with backup.

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At a glance:

  • Assists with compliance to MHRA, FDA, HTA & GMP standards
  • Widely used within hospitals and pharmaceutical storage
  • Automatic alarm notifications
  • Real-time audit trail with tamper proof data storage & reporting
  • UKAS ISO 17025 calibration available from factory

Simple to operate

Provides complete peace of mind

Benefits of automated monitoring
for the pharma sector

warning alarm medical

Warning & Critical alarm set points

User defined critical and warning and alarm set points per sensor with configurable alarms delays.

laboratory medical graphs

Compliant reports and graphing functions

Electronically signed PDF reports with alarm notes and multi sensor graphing functions over user defined periods.

medical audit

Full system audit history

The system securely records all user events, alarms, alarm notes and system changes providing a full audit trail.

secure data medical

Secure data with automatic back-up

Tamper proof storage of temperature and alarm records automatically backed-up to an internal SD card for added data security.

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Installation, Service & Training

Validated installation & service and maintenance packages.

UKAS Calibration

A UKAS ISO 17025:2005 accredited calibration laboratory for temperature and relative humidity.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping of chilled and ambient warehouse storage and production areas.

Case Studies

Frequently asked questions

What equipment can I monitor?

Typical equipment would be refrigerators, freezers, ultra low freezers, LN2 tanks, cold rooms, clean rooms, -80 fridges, chambers and incubators.

We can provide sensors to measure just about any environmental condition either directly or by using third party specialised equipment with 4-20mA or voltage outputs. 

Are your sensors UKAS calibrated?

Our sensors can be supplied with full UKAS traceable calibration certificates from our in house calibration laboratory.

We are a UKAS ISO 17025:2017 accredited for temperature and relative humidity.

Our accreditation allows us to complete onsite calibration to the UKAS standard.

Are there any subscription fees?

Our range of systems are standalone, networked monitoring systems that record, store and give access to data from any device with a browser.

There are no licence fees, specialist software, monthly cloud fees and no server or dedicated computer space required.

Does the D3 Medical meet the needs of GMP volume 4 Annex 11: Computerised Systems?

We have documented the performance of our systems against this annex requirement, for a copy please contact us directly.

Do you offer annual UKAS calibration of probes?

We're an accredited UKAS calibration for temperature and humidity laboratory and can offer our calibration services at our laboratory as well as on customers sites.

This means calibration can be completed annually on-site, to remove the need to send probes away for a prolonged period.

Annual contracts are available to allow budgeting of costs and peace of mind that calibration will be completed in line with your requirements.

See our calibration services or see our schedule of accreditation on the UKAS website.

Can we push data from a D3 into our building management system?

Our full wireless temperature monitoring system range have capability for extract data.

Data can be extracted to BMS or 3rd party systems via Modbus or an API.

The base station can also still act as a stand alone monitoring system whilst performing as a slave to a BMS.

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