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Smart sensor Bespoke PT100 Surface Temperature
Bespoke PT100 Surface Probes

A common situation is having a specific monitoring requirement, but after a web search not being able find a solution; enter TekTroniks smart sensors.

A bit of background

The need is to monitor points on a high temperature hot plate used during a manufacturing process. The customer’s found a surface temperature probe for the temperature range but has no way to read it.

A tentative call’s made to the Tek Troniks sales team for help, with an unexpected reply given, “Of course, that’s easy.” Leading to an audible sigh of relief from the other end of the phone.

The solution

Tek Troniks add their unique “on-wire” electronics to the free issued temperature probes, within an hour the sensors are reading on a Tek Troniks D3 base station.

Simply put the Tek Troniks Smart Sensors take a sensors raw reading and turn it in to the desired output. Meaning the PT100 thermistors resistance becomes a readable temperature.

The aim of smart sensors it to take a problem the customer sees as complex and give them a simple solution.

John Dyer – Sales Manager – Tek Troniks

Tek Troniks Smart Sensor Solutions

TekTroniks offer a range of “Smart Sensors” that can read nearly any type of 3rd party device output; this allows just about any 3rd party sensor can be added to a Tek Troniks System.

Want to find out how TekTroniks can solve your monitoring problems? Then get in touch!

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