Tek Troniks achieve UKAS accreditation

Tek Troniks have received confirmation, from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), that their accreditation to ISO 17025 has been achieved for the 4th consecutive year, following an audit in May 2019.

UKAS Accreditation

This year Tek Troniks applied for an extension of scope, for laboratory and site calibration activities, which was successfully granted. The accreditation now covers temperature calibration from -80 °C to +140 °C, previously -45 °C to +140 °C, both in the laboratory and on a customer site.

Another extension of scope is the addition of UKAS accredited Temperature Mapping. Tek Troniks carry out their temperature mapping based on the World Health Organisation standard. For more information see Temperature Mapping of Storage Areas (technical report series, no. 961, 2011) Annex 9.

John Dyer, Laboratory Manager, at Tek Troniks says “Being UKAS accredited is extremely important to us and to our customers.”

“Having accreditation to complete calibration on a customer’s site reduces our customer’s sensor downtime hugely and has proven very popular with our customer base.”

“Temperature mapping has always been an important part of our business, UKAS accreditation strengthens the service that we offer.”

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