UKAS Calibration Re-accreditation

A big well done to the Tek Troniks calibration team

Every 4 years UKAS re-accredit all calibration houses performing an extensive in-depth audit of all calibration processes and procedures.

Despite COVID-19 and all the restrictions in place, we are happy to report that we have passed our 2020 re-accreditation. This means we are re-certified to ISO 17025:2017 for temperature and humidity calibration & temperature mapping.

It was clear that Tek Troniks strive to work well under accreditation and the management system in place shows good compliance and conformity to ISO IEC 17025:2017 and is operated in a robust and professional way.

From the UKAS Assessment Report Executive Summary

This is an fantastic result for the whole Tek Troniks team.

UKAS accreditation is the gold standard in temperature calibration and temperature mapping. This means we are able to continue to offer our customers a proven, first class service.

John Dyer – Tek Troniks Calibration Laboratory Manager

ISO 17025 UKAS Accreditation is an important part of our business as it allows us to support customers to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the MHRA, FDA an IMB.

Our accreditation allow us to offer temperate calibration over a range of -80 °C to 145 °C & relative humidity calibration over 5 to 95% RH, Both on site or at our laboratory in Nottingham. For full details see our schedule of accreditation.

Onsite calibrations is a growing part of our business as this reduces downtime, costs and minimises disruption.

Our UKAS accreditation also covers our temperature mapping services. Having ISO 17025 for temperature mapping demonstrates our competence and accuracy for performing mapping surveys. A lot of companies offer temperature mapping, but few can meet the standards to be UKAS accredited.

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