World Refrigeration Day 2019

It’s World Refrigeration Day!

This year is the first, official, World Refrigeration Day and we’re thrilled to be celebrating the day at the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Show in Peterborough.

world refrigeration day

The aim of World Refrigeration Day is to raise awareness of the importance of air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration around the world. The refrigeration industry has continued to evolve each year with ongoing development to reduce the impact on the environment.

We, Tek Troniks, have over 25 years of experience in the design & manufacturing of temperature monitoring and refrigeration control systems. As a manufacturer we are constantly striving to reduce the energy consumption of our equipment.

The TCS&D Show has a dedicated World Refrigeration Day Pavilion which will feature a live broadcast of discussions on the refrigeration industry. The broadcast is being streamed live on Facebook for all to watch.

How are you celebrating World Refrigeration Day?

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