Alarm Set Points, Delays & Inhibiting a Sensor


Users need the relevant system authorities to setup or amend alarm set points, delays and inhibit sensors.

Authorisation rights are administered by system administrator level users, application for system authorisation rights changes need be raised with Admin Users.

How to change set points, delays & inhibit sensors

The video, below, shows how to create and edit alarm set points, add alarm delays and how to inhibit and un-inhibit sensors.

Two pairs of set points can be created per device for warning and critical alarms, should only a single set of points be required then don’t create the second pair.

Alarm delays are set to allow items such as; defrost cycle, etc, to complete. If the delay is set too low then false alarms could occur during expected excursion periods.

Sensors can be inhibited when not in use or when the monitored equipment is out of service, meaning the base station will not alarm for an inhibited sensor.

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