Forgotten Password!

D3 System Users

If a user has forgotten their D3 system password, the user can request a password reset from any of the systems administrator level users. The process for resetting a password is simple and straight-forward. Administrator level users can also completely reset requests from other administrators.

Once a temporary password has been issued the user can login and change their password on the My Details page. If the password is changed via My Details the user needs to authorise the change with their old password.

Remember that you can have a different password for the base station and the web (login interface).

All Users Have Forgotten Passwords

Should all system users forget their passwords then a one-time, time dependent password can be obtained from our support team.

Only Administrator Level users can obtain this one-time password as only they will have access to reset other users on the system.

To obtain a one-time password you will need to contact our support team. A team member will talk you through the process, get the relevant information and generate a password. This password needs to be used in a timely fashion or it will elapse and the process will need to be repeated.

For customers with a service contract then the one-time password generation is covered with the contract costs. For non-contract customers a fee applies.

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