Resetting User Passwords

Re-setting user passwords can only be carried out by users who have Manage User rights, see User Management.

  1. Go to the user management view page: SETTINGS=> USER SETTINGS=> User Management.
  2. Select the password reset icon for the user who’s details are to be reset (padlock icon).
  3. Within the password reset window select the method of reset; Send Email or Manual Overwrite.
Password Reset
Password Reset Window
  • Send Email: An email with a temporary username and login password are emailed to the users email address.
  • Manual Overwrite: A secondary window will open where the administrator can manually enter a username and password. The administrator must then re-enter their own username and password to authorise this change.

Step 4 – When the user logs in to the system they should change & manage their own secure login details as per My Details.

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