Fridge & Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Fridge and freezer temperature monitoring, with alarm capabilities, reduces the risk of stock loss and non-compliance in cold storage applications. A wide variety of intelligent wireless sensors are available for the D3 monitoring system, making the solution ideal for both high and low temperature monitoring in fridges and freezers.

Recommended for fridges:

The stub probe connects to the end of the transmitter.

Both products can safely sit inside a fridge and transmit data back to a D3 base station

Recommended for freezers:

The external sensor connects to the end of the transmitter

Depending on how low the freezer temperature is, the transmitter should sit outside the freezer and the sensor should sit inside the freezer.

Our freezer sensor range can read as low as -200°C.

The transmitter communicates with a D3 base station via a simple pairing process. The quick process allows users to have a system up an running within minutes.

With no ongoing monthly/yearly costs and the transmitter battery life at a minimum of 5 years, monitoring temperature of fridges and freezers has never been so simple and affordable.

Whether you’re monitoring in a food/retail shop, hospital, storage facility, laboratory or even a canteen, we have a solution that will suit your monitoring requirements.

Stay compliant with a D3 monitoring and alarm system!

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