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MyDataPortal (MDP) allows users to access a D3 system from outside of its network connection, making accessing data from home or on the go simple.

The portal offers a secure, encrypted connection to the D3, giving the access benefits of a cloud system but with the D3 storing all data securely on-site.

MDP has 2 connection options:

  • A free-to-use Direct Connection
  • A paid Account version.

The free direct connection allows access to the D3 as if a user was on site and the account version offers more functionality such as multi-system access.

MDP Direct Connection versus MDP Account

The comparison below gives a review of the differences between the paid account and the direct connect version of MyDataPortal.

MDP Direct Connection

Allows direct connection to an individual site, giving the user access to a system as if they were onsite.

MDP Account

Single access login for all connected sites.

Dashboard overview, for multi or single site accounts. This gives a quick view on real-time live status, current/historic alarms in a simple format.

Site View, of real-time data which can be shown in;

  • List view, the layout is similar to the Site view on a direct connection.
  • Tabular view, showing a tab for each sensor with grouped sensors shown in a block.
  • Plan view, allowing a plan or multiple plans with the sensors shown in the actual position on site.

User management allowing users to;

  • Only view defined MDP connected sites or group of sites.
  • Only view limited sensors from a site or group of sites, by creating a virtual site/sites.

Generate reports and graphs for sensors on single or multiple sites (coming soon).

Receive alarm notifications via an App, email or SMS text (coming soon).

Access MDP at

Follow the Setup Manual and User Guide below, to get access to your system via MyDataPortal.

MDP needs to be enabled on a base station and individual users require permission to access it. We advise speaking to your IT department prior to enabling MDP.

Functionality of MyDataPortal will continue to develop with additional resource and tools for users.

Contact us for more information or to book an online demo of MDP.

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