Manual Temperature Checks

Monitoring environment factors such as temperature is a requirement to stay compliant with many regulatory bodies.

Whether you’re a one man band selling sandwiches from a van or a pharmacist dispensing temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals you must ensure products are continuously stored at the right temperatures. You are also required to store evidence of this for many years.

manual temperature check

Manually checking temperature has many downfalls

  1. It can be a costly exercise, especially if you have multiple appliances or areas to monitor.
  2. There can be human error when reading and recording the data
  3. Timing is crucial, if something happens between manual checks it can results in stock loss
  4. Physically storing data will take up a lot of space

Use the calculator below to gauge the cost to manually check temperature daily and per annum.

Is the cost higher than you imagined? Is it time to explore other options and introduce automatic monitoring?

Check out the benefits of implementing a wireless monitoring system.

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