Mortuary Temperature Monitoring

Tek Troniks work with mortuaries and funeral directors to aid compliance with temperature monitoring regulations.


The Human Tissue Authority (HTA), a regulator in this field, guidelines for mortuary establishments are that they must have a robust temperature monitoring and alarm system in place for all body storage facilities.


The D3 can ensure compliance with regulations, providing peace of mind 24/7. Access the system remotely and receive alarms if the temperature goes out of your personalised specifications.

The system securely records all user events, alarms, alarm notes and system changes providing a robust audit trail.


User defined alarm profiles provide a tailored response on how the system alerts you when sensor readings exceed user defined high and low alarm threshold.

  • Multi-level alarm thresholds and delays for each sensor.
  • Robust audit trail including system configuration changes.
  • Electronic signatures.
  • Alerts via the integrated colour touch screen display, buzzer & Email.
  • Tamperproof records.
temperature alarm alert on phone