Alarm Options on the D3 Monitoring System

The alarm function on any monitoring system is one of the most important features. This function can help save stock and equipment as well as aid compliance to regulatory standards.


The D3 base station has a built in sounder which can trigger when a sensor goes into an alarm state.

The sounder will continue to alert until an alarm has been acknowledged by a system user or the alarm clears by itself.


The D3 base station has an led light on the front, this flashes red when an alarm is triggered.

With 2 volt free contacts on the back of the D3, users also have the option to add an external remote beacon.

D3 visual alarm


A built in email function means select users can receive email alerts when a sensor goes into an alarm state. This is simple to set-up on the D3 and can be tested on a regular basis.


The most cost effective way to receive an SMS alert is to use a third party email to SMS gateway service. We recommend using textlocal as it is tried and tested with the D3 system set up.

Phone Call

A volt free contact on the D3 can be used to link to an autodialler. An autodialler can be programmed to ring certain phone numbers when there is an alarm on the D3 system. This option needs maintenance as users will need to manage a sim card, within the autodialler.

The D3 alarm settings gives users the option to choose repeat alarms. Repeat alarms can be received at certain intervals (set in minutes) and until the status of the alarm changes (Not current, acknowledged, cleared). This feature will ensure users act on alarms as soon as possible.

For more information on alarm functionality, within the D3 system, please contact our support team.

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