Stab Probes Added to Sensor Range

Tek Troniks have extended their intelligent sensor range to now include two stab probes.

The robust, multi-purpose, stab temperature probes are designed to penetrate to the core temperature of food/products within a frozen storage environment. They offer excellent stability over the range of -45°C to 100°C, with low drift over the lifetime of the sensor.

Both probes are PT1000’s with a length of 150mm. The P3-DS327 is 6mm in diameter and the P3-DS328 is 3mm in diameter. The waterproof design allows for easy wipe down/cleaning.

DS327 stab probe 6mm
DS328 stab probe 3mm

These probes are for use with the D3 family of monitoring systems and are compatible with a full range of Intelligent Wireless Transmitters (supplied separately).

Common uses within: Freezers | Fridges | Cold Rooms | Production Areas

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