Temperature Monitoring in Healthcare

Hospitals, pharmacies, care homes and many more organisations deliver quality care all year round. Maintaining patient trust is vital and a big part of that is storing medicines and vaccines in the correct environment.

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Many medicines and vaccines must be stored in a specific temperature range 24/7. If staff are to manually record temperature this can result in incorrect recordings, gaps in data, loss of stock and much more.

By automating temperature monitoring you can reduce or even eliminate the above points by a huge percentage. Monitoring systems can record data once every minute and alarm users on any variances. Having a detailed audit can be crucial as staff have a more in-depth view of the temperature which can be acted on more efficiently.

Automating the temperature monitoring process in a healthcare setting can:

Reduces waste / stock loss

In busy environments medicines can be left unsupervised for hours at a time. If there is a change in temperature when using a manual check system staff are unable to prove when the temperature changed and for what duration. An automatic system can send email, SMS or phone call alerts to users to alert them of an any changes. This can help save stock and minimise stock loss.

Lessen false alarms

Temperature sensors need to allow for activities such as the door opening and temperature rising. With a wireless intelligent sensor you can add an alarm delay so it can take this activity into consideration. There’s no need to stand around and wait to ensure the temperature drops back into range. You can depend on the automatic system to alarm if the temperature is too high after a certain period of time.

Provide a live audit trail

Responding to alarm alerts can often lead to forgotten or late paperwork. A system like the D3 can provide full visibility on what steps were taken when and by who. Each user has an individual login and can record a note on each alarm – keeping the information up to date and other users/team members in the loop. This is especially important at times when there is a change in a work shift.

Aids compliance

Healthcare organisations must comply with strict regulations from MHRA, FDA, GMP and much more. Keeping a log of temperature records is a major compliance with most healthcare bodies. An automatic monitoring system can aid compliance with temperature records and make the process simple for all involved.

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