Temperature Monitoring vs Temperature Mapping

Temperature monitoring is a permanent solution to record and store data. Users have the availability to see real-time data, while onsite and remotely.

Temperature mapping is an exercise carried out to determine if an area is deemed suitable for storing temperature sensitive products.

Temperature Monitoring

Permanent installation

Sensors record data 24/7, 365 days a year

Real time data

Alarm Management

Graphs & Reports

Audit Trail

UKAS Calibration available for sensors

Temperature Mapping

Temporary Installation

Sensors record data for a specific time period (usually 24/48 hours – 1 week)

Receive a mapping report that includes:

  • Floor plan of the area being mapped
  • Minimum, maximum and average temperature for each sensor used
  • Data presented in tabular & graphical format
  • Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)
  • Excursion analysis
  • UKAS calibration certificate for each sensor used within the mapping study
  • Raw data at 1 minute intervals

If you’re looking for both a temperature monitoring solution and temperature mapping, we recommend temperature mapping to be carried out first. This will highlight possible problem areas and give a better understanding on where permanent sensors should be located, for continuous monitoring purposes.

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