Success with Buffaload Logistics

Cambridgeshire based Buffaload Logistics, a Logistics and Cold Chain Supply organisation, has 6 depots strategically placed throughout England.

Having already made investments to bring proven environmental benefits to the way they operate, Julian Boulton, Compliance Director, got in contact with Tek Troniks to discuss temperature monitoring at multiple depots.

After discussing all requirements, Tek Troniks were able to present the best solution available for Buffaload.

The Solution


Temperature Mapping

In order to get a full view of the operating temperature it is best to carry out a temperature mapping exercise. Mapping provides an overview of hot and cold points within an area.


Implement a Monitoring System

Based on the mapping results we can get a great understanding of where temperature sensors should be installed. Site will be able to react to temperature excursions within minutes.


Annual Service/Calibration

To meet regulatory requirements Buffaload require sensors to be calibrated on a regular basis, which we can do onsite. As part of a system service a PQ document will be provided.

"Tek Troniks were very informative right from the beginning. Their professionalism shone through and we're really impressed by the product and service received."

- Julian Boulton. Compliance Director, Buffaload Logistics

Access to refrigerant leak detection centralised monitor through different web enabled devices showing reports, graphs & statistical data.


After completing a mapping exercise at 2 Buffaload locations we presented the results and made recommendations for both sites.

Following on from the mapping exercise, both sites had D3 monitoring systems installed with temperature sensors.

Buffaload now has a full view of the operating temperature in 2 depots. Having the temperature automatically recorded, 24/7, gives staff confidence that product is stored in the right environment.