Adding Sensor Groups

The D3 monitoring system allows for sensors to be grouped together – e.g. all sensors in one room can be grouped together and named as per the location of the group.

Grouping sensors allows for an average of the readings of a chosen sensor type, within that group, to be displayed. E.g. if you have a number of temperature sensors taking readings in the group, you can display the average temperature of all temperature sensors in that group.

Route to adding a group: SITE => SETTINGS => MANAGE DEVICES => ADD GROUP

On selecting ‘Add Group’ a popup window will open.

add sensors group popup window
  • Short Reference – is the reference that appears as a short reference for the group. This can be up to 5 characters and must be unique.
  • Name – this is the name that will be assigned to the group. This can be up to 25 characters and can be alpha numeric.
  • Active – is to be selected if you would like to view the average reading of a sensor type for the group. Click on the round button to activate this feature.
  • Active Type – (appears if Active is enabled) can only be selected based on device type already linked and paired to the base station. Only 1 type can be selected per group.

Devices can be added and removed from groups at any time and groups can be deleted from the system. Deleting a group does not delete the devices, it moves them from being in a grouped state to an un-grouped state.

Watch our How To videos for a visual guide on setting up a group.

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