Changing a D3 Micro SD Card

Micro SD card slot on a D3
D3 Micro SD card

Only an approved Micro SD card from the system supplier should be used with D3 variant base stations.  Contact your system supplier to purchase a replacement Micro SD card.

To add or remove an SD card the D3 must be removed from its wall mounting plate (refer to the system instruction manual).  Ensure the system is powered down at both the unit and the plug socket before removing from the mounting plate.

Opening the Micro SD Card Holder

The card holder is located on the rear of the D3, to open the holder; carefully slide the card holder metal cover back (see image 1) .

image one, SD card slot on a D3
Image 1

Once slid back the metal holder can be tilted backwards on its hinge, ensure the holder is not forced as this may cause damage (see image 2).

 open Micro SD card slot on a D3
Image 2

Seating the Micro SD card

When putting a Micro SD card back in the holder, it’s extremely important to ensure the card is correctly seated (see image 3). The metal holder cover should not need to be forced closed.

Correctly seated SD card
Image 3

Securely fixing the Micro SD card in place

Once the Micro SD card is correctly seated, with the metal holding cover closed, carefully pull the cover forward to secure in to position (see image 4).

Securely seated Micro SD card in a D3
Image 4

Power up the D3 and test the card function

Once the Micro SD card is secured, re-attach the power cable to the D3, re-mount on its bracket then switch the power on.

Once power has been restored login to the D3 via the network interface and navigate to the Settings tab, run a manual system back up, follow path;

Settings => Administrator => Maintenance => Start Back Up – Yes => Enter log in password => Submit

A back up will commence. The time taken to complete the back up will depend on the time and data volume recorded, since the last successful back up.

Back up progress can be viewed on the Info tab, the screen data will need manually refreshing periodically until the back up shows either ‘Success or Fail’.

If the back up fails, power down the D3 and re-seat the Micro SD card before trying to re-run.

If the back up continues to fail, contact your system supplier for support.

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