Daylight Saving Time

For software version on-wards, D3 base station has the capability to change the time automatically, for Daylight Saving.

daylight savings

Route to edit Daylight Saving Time; SETTINGS => SITE SETTINGS => SYSTEM SET-UP => Edit => British Daylight Saving

To use daylight savings toggle the button from Off (default) to On, then click Submit.

Drawback of using Daylight Saving

Daylight savings changes the D3’s recorded data time by advancing and retarding the time by 1 hour, in the spring and autumn.

When the time advances in spring there will be a one hours gap in data on graphs and reports.

When time retards in autumn then an hours data will be over-written and lost, it cannot be seen on reports or graphs. Alarms that occurred within the over-written hour will still be recorded in the alarm log.

Ensure the effects on recorded data are understood and seriously considered before using daylight saving on a base station. Data lost through the use of this function can never be recovered.

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