Cheese Producer

The, award winning, Book & Bucket Cheese Company produce a range of artisan cheese in the heart of Dorset.

blocks of cheese

Brief Overview

A new cheese producer, The Book & Bucket Cheese Company, were looking for a monitoring system to help them stay in line with HACCP regulations.

The most important part of HACCP regulations to the company is to accurately monitor temperature and to securely store the data collected.

Requirements (must haves)

  • HACCP compliant
  • Easy to self-install
  • Lease agreement options
  • Monitor both temperature & humidity
  • Alarm alerts, while on and off site
  • Graph and reporting features
  • Complete audit trail

Equipment Recommended

  • 1 x D3 LITE base station
  • 5 x Temperature sensors
  • 3 x Humidity sensors
  • Dual transmitters to monitor temperature & humidity simultaneously
  • Repeater to boost signal

Customer Feedback

Owner, Peter Morgan, says, “Temperature and humidity are extremely important factors in cheese producing. Manually recording these factors can take a lot of time out of my day so choosing to self-install a wireless, automated monitoring system was the best route for me.”

“Setting up and installing the D3 LITE was simple. The online videos were a great help.”

“As a new business, an additional bonus was being able to take out a lease agreement on the monitoring equipment. Paying monthly and having a warranty for the length of the lease provides a greater peace of mind”

“The tech support received at Tek Troniks has been great, the team are very proactive.”