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King Brothers Food Services is a family run business with over 80 years of delivering excellence in food service.

food distributor temperature monitoring

Brief Overview

Looking to update their current monitoring system to a modern system that could give the King Brothers team access to data, remotely.

The new system should be able to monitor temperature and refrigerant leak detection.

Requirements (must haves)

  • HACCP compliant
  • Monitor temperature in chilled & frozen areas across the storage facility
  • Capture temperature in the ice sculpting area
  • Read leakage of R22 refrigerant gas
  • Access data remotely
  • Email alarm alerts
  • Simple to install into the existing building structure

Equipment Recommended & Installed

  • 1 x D3 base station located in an area with clear visibility to relevant staff
  • 12 x Temperature sensors mounted within the racking and on walls
  • A Refrigerant leak detection sensor for R22, within the ice production compressor house
  • 1 x Temperature sensor mounted outside, to monitor ambient conditions
  • Repeaters, located at strategic points across the site to bring data back to the base station

Customer Feedback

Director, David King commented “The system installation was completed with absolute minimal impact on our daily activity which was very important to us, meeting our customer needs is always at the forefront of what we do.”

“Not only is the system simple to use, the display and reports give a clear indication of the current temperature status of our storage, picking and dispatch areas.  This is essential to maintain the high standards in food storage, that we set ourselves.”

“With the volume and cost of the refrigerant gas we hold within our ice production facility it was essential that our new monitoring system was capable of detecting refrigerant gas leaks and the D3 offers this in a really simple package.”

For more information on the D3 monitoring system contact our product specialist team today.