Temperature Monitoring for Battery Storage Box

Battery Storage Box, is the industry leader in discreet, state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery warehousing. They specialise in providing temperature-controlled storage for new, unused lithium-ion batteries, in dedicated warehouse facilities.


Li-ion batteries need to be stored at a moderate temperature range, typically between 10°C and 20°C. High temperatures can accelerate battery ageing and low temperatures can affect battery performance. Hence the importance of storing li-ion batteries in a temperature-controlled, and monitored, storage unit.

Temperature Monitoring


Trial Period

BSB got in contact as they had a requirement to monitor the temperature in their storage facility.

We offered a 30-day trial of our system to ensure it met requirements.

After a successful trial, BSB chose the Tek Troniks monitoring system.


Monitoring System

BSB chose to self-install the system onsite. The initial order was for sensors on 10m cables so they could monitor at mid and low levels through the warehouse.



Shortly after installing the system onsite BSB expanded the system and ordered sensors on a shorter cable. This time monitoring at high levels of the warehouse.



Remote Login

BSB have chosen to activate a MyDataPortal account. The portal gives users permission to easily login to the system remotely.

With an MDP account, BSB can create virtual sites so their customers could be granted limited access to view the warehouses temperature monitoring data.


Enhanced Dashboard

The dashboard overview gives a quick view on real-time live status and current/historic alarms in a simple format.

Launching soon:

- Receiving alarm notifications via an App, email or SMS

- Generate reports and graphs for sensors on single or multiple sites

"Implementing the D3 monitoring system has given us great reassurance that the warehouse is within the correct temperature range, at all times. If ever there was a temperature excursion we would receive an alert, even if we were offsite."

- Nadine Budgen, Founder of Battery Storage Box