Networking a D3 Base Station

Before a D3 base station can be accessed via your network it must be assigned relevant IP address.

The base station can run on three IP operational formats, these are:

DHCP Client Mode

From manufacture the D3 is supplied in DHCP Client mode. This allows the base station to be directly connected to your network and your server should allocate an IP address and the other IP configuration details automatically.

This configuration connection is shown in the video below.

Video showing DHCP Client networking of a D3 base station

Static IP Mode

A static IP configuration can be entered on a base station if it has been networked using the DHCP Client mode above, or connected directly to a PC/laptop in the DHCP Server mode below.

Route to Static IP configuration:

SETTINGS => SYSTEM MANAGEMENT => NETWORKING => IP SETUP => Edit => Select Static from Network Mode drop down window

All of the IP address detail options need to be completed, consult your IT department/provider for this information.

Once completed select Submit, the unit will now be operating in Static IP Mode.

Once a Static IP address is set on the base station it is retained in the systems memory.  This means that the base station can be switched to DHCP Client or DHCP Server mode, then when returned to Static mode it reverts to the last saved static IP settings.

See our Knowledge Base post on the pros and cons to using either Static or DHCP Client.

networking a D3 base station

DHCP Server Mode

DHCP server mode should be selected when looking to connect the D3 directly to a PC/Laptop during setting up only.

A D3 connected directly to a PC or Laptop will not have email function capabilities for alarm notifications. Access to the system is only available via the specific connected PC/Laptop.

DHCP Server Mode is entered via the Set-Up Menu on the base station touch screen.

Route to DHCP Server Mode

BASE STATION =>HOME =>SETUP => Enter username and password =>IP => Change => Select DHCP Server Mode => Accept
Once Accept is selected the base station is in DHCP Server mode and can be connected to your PC/Laptop for further configuration to be completed.

The IP address in DHCP Server mode does not change and is set at

DO NOT connect a D3 in DHCP Server mode directly on to you network. This will cause numerous network issues. Ensure the mode is changed to DHCP Client or Static before connecting directly to a network.

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