Port Forwarding to a D3

To access your D3 from outside of your IP network you will need to configure your router to allow port forwarding.

The D3 has no input to set up port forwarding and no settings on the D3 need to be changed to enact port forwarding on your router. It is best practice to have your D3 on a static IP address if using port forwarding.

What is port forwarding?

Port forwarding is the process of configuring the firewall on your network router to make the networked D3 accessible to other computers and network capable devices from outside your local area network on the internet.

Port forwarding uses the IP address of your router and the IP assigned to the D3 plus the assigned port number to route network requests through your firewall directly to the D3.

Your IT department/provider should be consulted as to the router settings required to allow port forwarding are beyond the scope of our knowledge base.

port forwarding local network to external network diagram

Is port forwarding safe?

Port forwarding is not necessarily unsafe. It is dependant on the security of the D3 on the target port and on your router’s firewall protection capabilities.

For port forwarding security can be further improved by using tools such as VPN, VPN supports both UDP and TCP access. This allows secure access to the D3.

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