On-Site Calibration

National Veterinary Services are the market leader in veterinary wholesaling and distribution. NVS are committed to delivering a positive difference to animal health through the high quality services and products they offer.

On-site Calibration at NVS

Brief Overview

Require on-site multi-point, UKAS, calibration of their temperature probes.

Calibration must be to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard with UKAS certification issued.

A performance qualification for their monitoring system needs to be completed and fully documented.

Requirements (must haves)

  • ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS certified calibration house with on-site calibration within their schedule of accreditation
  • Relevant equipment to calibrate temperature probes over multiple points on-site
  • Engineer qualified to completed a performance qualification of the probes and monitoring system
  • A copy of all relevant documentation to support audit and legislative requirements

Calibration Work Completed & Equipment Used

  • Calibration of multiple probes at the customers site over temperatures ranging from 2 °C to 25 °C.
  • Equipment Used:
    • Portable Europa calibration bath (range -45 °C to 135 °C) with dry block calibrator, to accommodate stub temperature probes.
    • High accuracy calibrated TT10 Thermometer with 2 calibrated reference PRT’s.
    • High accuracy calibrated hygrometer for recording ambient humidity & temperature conditions during calibration process.
  • Completion of uncertainty budgets for the probes calibrated based on probe performance characteristics, environment and data for the equipment used.
  • Completion of calibration certification with authorised persons sign-off, issuing of calibration stickers for each probe calibrated.
  • Professional system service with job document and performance qualification completion.

Customer Feedback

Andrew Duxbury, Responsible Person for NVS, said: “Due to the nature of the temperature sensitive products we hold within our warehouses, temperature is an important factor in maintaining the high quality products and services we offer”.

“Knowing the accuracy and drift in the temperature probes that monitor the storage and production environments is essential to meeting our internal needs and our legislative requirements.”

“We also need confidence and knowledge that the monitoring system we are using is working correctly and that alarm notifications are being sent, a performance qualification of the system is essential in supporting these”.

“Tek Troniks offer a professional on-site calibration service with knowledgeable technicians. They help us with any questions we have and provide support and feedback when needed.”

“If you have a calibration enquiry I would recommend having a chat with Tek Troniks to see if they can help.”

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