Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Tek Troniks refrigerant gas leak detection systems are designed to meet the stringent needs of FGAS regulations.

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Tek Troniks refrigerant gas leak detection systems are designed to meet the stringent needs of the FGAS regulations

TekTroniks Refrigeration leak detection gas sensor

Reliable and affordable fixed point refrigerant leak detection system to monitor a wide range of refrigerant gases over multiple zones.

Our gas leak detection system utilises plug and play calibrated sensor modules for quick and simple sensor placement. The sensors are designed to be; compact, robust, accurate and to be easily installed within the common locations that require monitoring in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Refrigerant leak detection sensors are shipped pre-calibrated to the selected gas. Sensors are available as either fixed or remote head.

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Tek Troniks centralised monitor for refrigerant detection continuously monitors over 100 leak detection points.

Our system connects to the sites IT network providing subscription-free, secure, multi-user access from any web-browser enabled device.

  • Displays real-time status / gas measurement.
  • Alarm management with Multi-level alarm thresholds for each sensor.
  • Graphical analysis & reporting tool.
  • Real time audit trail of alarms, notes and system changes.
  • BMS intergration via mobus or RESTful API's.
Access to refrigerant leak detection centralised monitor through different web enabled devices showing reports, graphs & statistical data.

Tek Troniks wireless leak detection system reduces installation time and cost and is the ideal solution for large multi zone installations.

  • Reduce installation time of refrigerant leak detectors in large buildings or complex structures.
  • Ideal for retrofitting leak detection into existing buildings.
  • Monitor other environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure.

Our centralised refrigerant monitor provides continuous monitoring of the gas concentration levels of your site, alerting you when something is wrong.

Our systems has full alarm capabilities that alert you when gas readings exceed user defined high and low alarm thresholds. In addition the system securely records all alarm events together with any notes and system changes providing a full audit trail.

  • Multi-level alarm thresholds with independent alarm delay for each sensor.
  • Alerts via the integrated color touch screen display, buzzer, on board relay.
  • Configurable audio/visual/email warnings & alarms.
  • Full alarm audit trails.

Our powerful graphing tool allows gas leak data to be reviewed, printed and exported to support any compliance documents.

  • Analytical graphing tool for gas leak analysis.
  • PDF Report generator.
  • Review and print historic gas leak reports in graph format.
  • Overlay and compare gas leaks over different zones.
  • CSV export gas measurement.
Ipad showing a graph comparing refrigerant leaks from a hotel

We use market leading Bacharach refrigerant leak detectors at the heart of our wireless centralised monitoring system.

Our wireless transmitters use either a voltage or 4-20mA output from the detector to transmit the ppm level back to our base station. Our wireless transmitters connect to the following range of Bacharach refrigerant detectors;

  • MGS 450.
  • MGS 460 with remote head.
  • MGS 250 Infrared Gas detector.
  • MGS 550 Idustrial Gas detector.
Bacharach leak detector

In addition to monitoring refrigerant gases you can add other sensors to our system to monitor pressure, temperature and fault status to provide a true insight into the operation of your system.

By integrating the range of MSA Bacharach refrigerant sensors with our wireless sensors we can provide a competitive platform for centralised refrigerant leak management.

  • Displays real-time status / gas measurement.
  • Multi-level alarm thresholds for each sensor.
  • Configurable audio/visual/email warnings & alarms.
  • Centralised monitoring for up to 150 points.
  • Simple installation and expansion.
  • Local & remote alarms

Wireless fixed point refrigerant leak detection systems reduces installation costs of hotels and large multizone installations.

Benefits of Tek Troniks wireless FGAS refrigerant leak detection system

installation gas leak

Reduced installation costs

Simple to install or retrofit. Robust long range wireless transmitters with range extenders to cover large areas.

wireless sensors

Not just leak detection

We have a range of sensors that can monitor anything from temperature, humidity, fault signals, to energy consumption all from the same system.

alarm for leak detection

Dual alarm capabilities

Users are alerted when there's a leak both at the point of sensing and at the main base station with secondary alarms including email and SMS alerts.

cost effective gas leak detection

Cost effective refrigerant leak detection

With the ease of installation and simplicity of our system we can offer a competitive leak detection solution for a large variety of applications.

Our refrigeration leak detection system can be integrated into your BMS system using industry standard Modbus API's over either serial or IP connection.

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We use the market leading bacharach range of refrigerant detectors to provide the front end monitoring of the specific gases. Their range covers a huge range of gas types using a number of sensing technologies.

Contact us to confirm the sensing technology needed, we will supply a free, no obligation quote on the equipment required.

In addition to refrigerant leak detection we manufacture and supply a range of sensors that covers a broad spectrum of environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity, energy, flow and digital status.  In addition you can add custom sensor types to monitor 3rd party sensors which means that just about any measurable factor can be monitored.

In 2014 the latest version of the fluorinated greenhouse gases “F Gas” regulations came into existence. The legislation impacts users of affected HFC's including the refrigeration & air-conditioning sector.

The responsibilities for leaks falls on the equipment users and it is their responsibility to ensure all equipment is leak checked. Depending on the levels of refrigerants held, this check period could be at a maximum period of every 3 months.

Installation of a gas leak detection system can impact the inspection cycle, and intervals may decrease with a system installed. Consult your refrigeration specialist for more information.

To find out more visit this link from GOV.UK

Adding to our wireless systems will depend on the type of gas sensor technology currently being used.

Contact us to discuss your current system, we can advise if a connection is possible.

The manufacturer of the gas sensors recommends that they are calibrated annually.

The sensors should also be tested after a major leak to ensure they are working correctly.

It is good practice to bump test sensors on a regular basis to ensure correct operation.

The calibration of the sensors can be completed in-situ (as long as there's access to the sensor head) and can be completed by your refrigeration engineers.

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