Retail Butcher

Barlows Butchers are an award winning family butchers with two retail sites and a reputation for excellent customer service.

retail butchers monitoring

Brief Overview

Scott, owner of Barlows Butchers, was looking for a temperature monitoring system, for both this butcher sites, that offered value for money and helped his teams to meet HACCP compliance.

The Barlows Butcher team require access to live data and need to receive alarm notifications if anything goes outside of personalised parameters. The generation of reports is also important to support regulatory audits.

Requirements (must haves)

  • Lease agreement available
  • HACCP compliant
  • Monitor walk-in fridges, freezers, upright and server over cabinets
  • Be unobtrusive and not affect product storage
  • Generate alarms and add alarm comments
  • Report functionality to support regulatory audit
  • User friendly, with live readings
  • Offers value for money

Equipment Recommended & Installed (at each site)

  • 1 x D3 LITE base station located in the preparation area of each shop.
  • Temperature sensors through out both sites in walk-in cold rooms, freezers, upright counters, serve over counters and counter freezers
  • Repeaters were used to bring data from the furthest points of the shops back to the base station

Customer Feedback

Business owner and Q Guild Butcher, Scott Barlow, says – “The D3 LITE system means I don’t have to worry about the performance of my fridge equipment during holidays and days when the shops are closed. If we have a problem the system alarms and notifies me.”

“Proving temperatures during audits is now easier due to reports and graphs on the system. Each system is connected to the shops routers so I can access them from my laptop easily.”

“The large display on the base station makes it easy for the shop staff to see what’s going on day to day and they find the system simple to use.”

“I chose to lease the systems from Tek Troniks as this offered a low cost solution and meant I get a modern monitoring system on a budgeted monthly fee. It would cost me more to pay someone to go around and check temperature manually.”

For more information on the D3 monitoring system for use in food service and retail sector contact Tek Troniks product team using the button below.