Email Set-Up Using a Hotmail Account

When setting up email using Hotmail we suggest using the following hotmail SMTP settings as the default within the D3 base station.
Hotmail smtp settings
Hotmail Email Set-up Example


SMTP Hostname –
SMTP Port – 587
Username – This must be the username used to sign in to the Hotmail account – normally your Hotmail account email address
Password – This must be the password for the user account above
Email From – This must be the sign in Hotmail email address. See Email Set-Up for an explanation of the other settings.
Once all details are completed the settings are submitted and a test email can be sent.

Test Email

The test email can be sent to any legitimate email address, the aim of the test email is to confirm the email settings are working only.

Once submitted the test email will either return a “success” message meaning the email has been successfully sent or a failure message.

The most common cause of failure message seen with Hotmail accounts will relate to security settings with the account itself.

Two Step Authentication – if two step authentication is switch on for the Hotmail account then email will fail as the 2nd authentication step cannot be completed, the Hotmail account then treats the D3 as a device that cannot be trusted and rejects the email request – currently Hotmail does not provide a solution for authorising devices of the D3 type.

Only by deactivating two step authentication or creating a new Hotmail account without two step authentication can you overcome this issue.  Refer to your Hotmail account settings for more information on two step authentication.

See Explanation of email failure messages for more information on the message meaning.

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