Email Error Codes

After setting up email functionality on a D3, you can test the email communication status.

Route to email test function:

SETTINGS => SYSTEM MANAGEMENT => NETWORKING => EMAIL SETUP => TEST => Enter email address to send a test email to => Press ‘Send Email’

Once a test email is sent a progress bar will appear. After a period of time the progress bar will display the relevant email message code. The code you want to see is success, if any other code is displayed please refer to the list below:

Message CodeMeaning
SuccessEmail has been sent successfully
Error ConnectFailure to connect to email server
Error HostnameHostname is incorrect
Error Mail From Email from is incorrect
Error Auth not SupportedAuthorisation is not supported
Error Unknown Unknown, check all details again
Error Elo
Error Certificate
Error Mail Rcpt
Error Response Code
Error Auth

If any of the above error codes appear for you, you will need to check your email setup settings. It’s possible that one of the Email/SMTP details has changed. Contact your IT department or provider to confirm all details as this is not information we have access to.

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