Trailer Temperature Mapping with NG Transport

NG Transport, warehousing and distribution specialists, pride themselves on quality of service when it comes to logistical needs.

The Pharma department got in contact with Tek Troniks to strengthen their offering, to ensure transport trailers met regulatory requirements.

Tek Troniks recommended carrying out temperature mapping of the trailers. This showcases how well the trailers perform at certain temperatures, allowing safe transport of temperature sensitive products.

Trailer Temperature Mapping


Trailer Plan

In order to plan the mapping exercise NG Transport provided us with the dimensions of each trailer. We then created a mapping plan and sent it over for approval, along with a scope document.


Scope Document

The scope document gives an overview of the work to be completed; number of points to be mapped, sensor locations, storage envelope and mapping period.


Mapping, onsite

A Tek Troniks engineer installed the mapping equipment, which captured data for 24 hours. After removing the equipment NG Transport received a UKAS accredited mapping certificate for each mapped vehicle.

"The temperature mapping carried out by Tek Troniks has been faultless. Our mapping certificate highlights the results in an easy format. I would definitely recommend Tek Troniks mapping service."

- Bill McCaffrey, Director, NG Transport

NG Transport Temperature Mapping


Tek Troniks have built a great relationship with NG Transport. Trailers have been mapped in both the summer and winter, to ensure the performance is stable when the external environment changes.


Tek Troniks is UKAS accredited for temperature mapping. Whether you require mapping of a small room, large warehouse, fridges/freezers or vehicles, Tek Troniks can assist.