Wireless Monitoring for Warehouse & Production Facilities

Real time validated temperature and humidity monitoring in compliance with BRC and GMP standards.

Wireless Monitoring for Warehouse & Production Facilities

Real time validated temperature and humidity monitoring in compliance with BRC and GMP standards.

Temperature controlled warehouse with storage pallet shelves

Temperature and humidity are two factors that can have a considerable impact on the condition of stored goods in a warehouse.

Accurate monitoring ensures valuable goods don’t spoil or damage and provides evidence that compliance and legislative standards have been met.

Our D3 temperature monitoring system is simple to install and provides continuous monitoring of your site, alerting you when something is wrong.

All data and audit records are automatically stored in a tamper-proof format with electronic signatures and full data backup to aid compliance.

Learn more about our wireless temperature monitoring system can protect your stock.

At a glance:

  • Aids compliance to BRC and GMP standards
  • Long range wireless sensors
  • UKAS 17025:2005 calibrated sensors
  • 24/7 remote alarming
  • Live data review and reporting

Robust, battery operated, long range wireless sensors with range extenders to cover any size warehouse or production facility.

monitoring systems for all budgets

Benefits of choosing a Tek Troniks wireless temperature alarm and environment monitoring systems to protect your warehouse or production area.

Long range transmitters

Long Range Wireless Transmitters

Simple to install or retrofit. Robust long range wireless transmitters with range extenders to cover large areas.

secure records warehouse

Secure records

Real time audit trail with electronic signatures, tamperproof records with full data backup.

ease of use warehouse

Ease of use

Intuitive web based multi user interface with real time access to sensor data from any web browser enabled device

compliant reports

Compliant PDF reports

Automated sensor and system wide PDF reports detailing sensor data and alarm excursions.

Contact us for more information on how a Tek Troniks wireless monitoring system can protect your warehouse.

Installation, Service & Training

Validated installation & tiered annual service and maintenance packages available.

UKAS Calibration

We provide UKAS ISO 17025:2005 accredited temperature and relative humidity calibration both onsite or in our laboratory.

Warehouse Temperature Mapping Service

Temperature mapping of chilled and ambient warehouse storage and production areas.

Case Studies

Frequently asked questions

My warehouse covers over 15000 square meters, will your system work?

Our long range wireless transmitters combined with our wireless repeaters (range extenders) mean that we can cover any size warehouse structure.

Contact our team if you wish to trial the system for up to 30 days.

Where should i place sensors in my warehouse?

If temperature mapping has been completed for the area then the mapping provider would usually indicate the optimum positions to monitor.

see more on the mapping services we offer.

If mapping has not been completed then the best practice would be to monitor racking in a grid pattern, with sensors placed at various heights within the grid to give an overall view of temperature across the warehouse.

Contact one of our system specialists for advice or to arrange a site visit.

Are tek tronik wireless sensors robust

For use in racking, our advice is to use wireless transmitters with external wireless temperature probes, mount the transmitters at the top of the racking and drop the probes down through the racking legs, fixing them securely in place at the desired heights.

Our systems allow us to drop probes to any height within a racking structure.

Are there any monthly costs?

Our range of systems are standalone, networked monitoring systems that record, store and give access to data from any device with a browser.

There are no licence fees, specialist software, monthly cloud fees and no server or dedicated computer space required.

Have more questions? Contact us for more information.